Friday, 13 February 2009

1 year anniversary

So me and Katian had a discussion as to whose strumming finger was in worse shape. Katian has a semi-permanent sizable blood blister whereas my nail will not grow in the same shape ever again.

Suffice to say we are hardcore. And this is no longer the issue.

We propose to spend the sum of BUG's current earning's (Treasure chest) on a 1 year anniversary blow out super jam party , wherein we buy 250 quids worth of booze and 100 quids of class A drugs and 20 quids wirth of tortilla chips.

Tell me this isn't the best idea you ever heard!!!!

Invite everyone you know! We rent, we do we don't give a fuck. We've lost our deposit. Rock.

What say ye? Respond.

March 14th. Our's. 8pm till death.

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