Thursday, 8 January 2009

Chord links for our searchable archive

Jeremy's recent request reminded me I havent been posting my chords here so here are the most recent links of yours that I could gather plus I've gotten all the files I had on my computer so that new members can easily find all the versions we use and old members can refind them...

Here is Jeremy's latest:
hiphopopotamus vs rhymenoceros

& Gideon's most recent links:
Ramones, I wanna be sedated
Gerry and the Pacemakers/The Rezillos, I like it

Also I've stored Akiko's formatted word docs for:
Camelot Song
Love Shack
Daft Punk, harder better faster

As well as my old cheat sheet formatted pdfs which include the chords to:

Only Living Boy
Bottom of Everything
Up The Junction
Moldy Peaches
Hotel Yorba

Avett Brothers Please Pardon Yourself
Mountain Goats No Children
Ben Fold Best Imitation of Myself
Blind Melon No Rain
Daniel Johnston True Love will find you
Wilco I am Trying to Break your Heart

Bright Eyes, Bottom of Everything
Ballboy, Kiss Me Hold Me Eat Me
Half Man Half Biscuit, Light at End of Tunnel
Bonnie Tyler, Holding Out for a Hero
Anyone Else/ End of World Mash

and Monster Mash-Up


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was so excited to find the tabs to No Children, but they are not all here... Do any of you know the ones that are missing? By the way, we are starting to get a ukegroup off the ground in Pittsburgh; having our second meeting tomorrow.
I would love to play this song for everyone :)

katian said...

the second verse is the exact same as the first (I typed out some of the chords towards the end b/c we were getting confused where the words fell in relation to the chord changes but they are the exact same) Also the intro is a very dumbed down version of the original and we decided ultimately to leave it out all together. Hope the Pittsburg Uke Group is going well!!! x,k