Thursday, 2 October 2008

Halloween tunes!

Halloween rocks. This is fact. There is nothing refutably wrong about sweets and dressing up. So please find my first suggestions for Halloween tunes below for our next Open Mic at the Monty (28th Oct).

Firstly, because, it's the law...

The Time Warp: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Secondly, because it'd be freakin' hilarious, and I think we're allowed to like him again by now...

Thriller: Michael Jackson

Thirdly, because I'm still a goth in my black, petrified heart, and it's about time we did a full choral intro...

This Corrosion: Sisters of Mercy

And here's the you tube for sisters of mercy if you never went through that phase

This Corrosion: You tube clip

Open as ever to more suggestions!

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