Thursday, 28 August 2008

Links archive Part I!

Look at it! Just look at it! It's bloody breathtaking!

For the benefit of anyone considering joining BUG or anyone who can't be arsed to go through their emails here is a as comprehensive as I could manage links archive of everything song I've ever posted out. I'll be missing a few as some people sent their song choices out as pdfs. I'm gonna figure if there's a way I can post them here.

Anywho. Knock yourselves out.

Cat Stevens- "If You Wanna Sing Out, Sing Out"

Chords (Ignore the intro if you want):
And how it goes for those who haven't heard it (Not to mention a lovely picture of the man himself)

Electric Light Orchestra "Mr. Blue Sky"
Chords (Not as hard as some of them may look!)
And how it goes

The Rolling Stones: The Last Time
Chords: (This version contains E. And I know some of you have feelings about that chord but it's the only version I can find. If you have any other versions that you'd rather play feel free to mail them around)
And how it goes (Also a chance to see keith when he last occupied a recognisably human form)

Prince: "Starfish and Coffee"
Can anyone remember/and/or post the chords we used. They were fairly easy I think. Here are the lyrics anyway
And of course, it being prince, there isn't a free version to be found on the internet. So we'll just sing along best we can.

New Order: "Blue Monday"
This was THE jam track of last week so feel free to mess around with it all you want
Chords and lyrics
And I genuinely can't believe that no one knows how this goes. But if you wanna see the awesome videp again, knock yourself out

Elvis Costello: "What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding"
Really struggling to find a version similar to the one we played last week. Can anyone remember and mail them around?
How it goes (Albeit a live version)

The White Stripes: "Hotel Yorba"
Chords and Lyrics:
We've sung it already, so I'm pretty sure eveyone gets the jist.

Bright Eyes: "At the Bottom of Everything"
We tried this at the first meeting and it was pretty easy and fun so I though we could have another bash
Chords and Lyrics:
And you tube clip (If only to see the awesome video):

Kraftwerk: The Model
Chords: I reckon it's just A minor and E minor all the way through. Feel free to correct me should you be compelled.
Youtube clip:

Random brainwave I had last week but forgot to bring up at the meeting.
The Bangles: Walk like an Egyptian
Chords & Lyrics:
Youtube clip:

As we've been playing it every week and only me know it, here's the links for Fisherman's Blues by Mike Scott and The Waterboys
Chords & Lyrics:
(Also a really wicked site for ukulele chords and tabs, I believe that Joy to the World is on there as well. Probably another good one to try)

Aha: Take on Me
Chords & Lyrics:
Youtube link (As if you don't listen to it daily already) :
Another one I suggested a while ago but forgot to act upon for last week
Queen v Bowie: Under Pressure

James: "Sit Down"

Chords & Lyrics:

Moldy Peaches: 'Anyone Else (But You)
Chords & Lyrics:

The Editors: "Munich"
Chords & Lyrics:
Kudos to anyone who can work out/play that kick ass tremolo riff in the chorus

The Smiths: "Ask"
Chords & Lyrics:
Extra points for impersonating Morissey

Dolly Parton:"Jolene"
Chords & Lyrics:

No Surprises: Radiohead
The Kinks: 'Louie Louie'

Paul Simon: 'Me and Julio'

Lou Reed: 'Satellite of love'
Not sure if this is the version jeremy proposed but it's practically the same chords as Mr. Blue Sky. Mash up anyone?

Bowie: 'Starman'

Fall or The Kinks: 'Victoria'

Boney M: 'Rasputin'

Elton John: 'Crocodile Rock'

Blondie or the Paragons: 'The tide is High'

Frankie Lane: 'Rawhide'

The Beatles: 'Act Naturally'

The Kinks: 'Lazing on a sunny afternoon'

Blondie: 'Denis'

The Beach Boys: 'Sloop John B'

Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen)
Obviously needs playing uke speed but I really like this song. Sorry!

Holding out for a Hero (Bonnie Tyler)

The Zephyr Song (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

Can't Explain (The Who)

Dirty Old Town (The Pogues)

The End Of the World As We Know It: REM

'The Light At The End Of The Tunnel': Half Man Half Biscuit

The Only Living Boy In New Cross -Carter USM
Belle and Sebastien 'Boy with the arab strap'
And new strumming style to match for those feeling a bit more adventurous

There is a Light That Never Goes Out: The Smiths


Mike said...

Mike from Giantflightlessbirds here: sorry those links are broken, but give me a contact address and I'll email you the latest PDF versions. Congrats on your excellent lineup: I was amazed to hear Bright Eyes open your set on the video, now I feel vindicated for typing that one out.


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